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Oodles of charm, 3-star luxury, unmatched tranquillity and a journey back in time in the centre of Lyon, welcome to the Edmond W. Hotel.

The Belle Epoque atmosphere and the quaint cabinet of curiosities style décor contrast with mad Lyon life and ensure you enjoy a peaceful stay where you can relax and unwind.

Make the most of the hotel’s ideal location to stroll through the neighbourhood or take the nearby public transport to visit the city’s many tourist and gastronomic attractions that cannot be missed.
The 32 high-end comfort rooms welcome couples, families, groups and business travelers every day of the year, and are equipped with everything you need to relax and feel at home. Edmond's hospitality is legendary!

The entire hotel team will be on hand throughout your stay to ensure your experience is enjoyable as possible.
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Who is

Edmond W. ?

Edmond, an eminent doctor, is a man of his time : a hard worker, respectable and respected, founder of a children’s hospice, a campaigning altruist, passionate and charitable. A serious man who doesn’t take himself seriously, humble with a little dash of craziness, mischief and generosity that distinguish all great men.

He loves giving lavishly, sharing and imparting. A lover of science, literature and travel, he always looks on the bright side of life.

When night falls and he steps through his door, he leaves everything else outside. He smooths his moustache, tidies away his pocket watch and kisses his wife and children on the forehead. He sits himself comfortably in his sofa and lets the stress and fatigue of the day melt away. It’s so nice being home !

The oh-so-familiar and appetizing smell of breakfast in the kitchen, the quiet street, the delicate ambiance teeming with travel souvenirs and the happiness emanating out of every room of his private hotel filled him with instant serenity. It’s his realm, his cabinet of curiosities: tidy, ordered and immaculate, yet also a bit madcap. This is where he can relax, finally be himself, give free rein to his impulses and nonchalant good-heartedness while wallowing in the bliss of being with family.

At Edmond’s, time stands still and tranquillity takes over. And oh my, how wonderful it feels !

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SGBO HOTELS (Maison Lacassagne, Hôtel Edmond W)

Sgbo Hotels, a collection of boutique hotels in Lyon considered to be favorites that reflect the story of two historical figures from the 1900s. Each illustrates the world of these period actors through travel memories, floral tapestries...


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